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Homeschool Subjects



This webpage has been created to help you through your homeschooling journey. There are many links associated with this website. If for any reason some of them do not work, feel free to contact us and let us know about any of the broken links.

Our family consists of two parents and three children.  My husband works outside the home and I am a stay at home mother. 

Our children have never gone to school. They have always been homeschooled. Our oldest child is in his last year of studies at a local state university. Our second child just finished her last year of high school. Our last child will soon be starting high school.

There have been lots of ups and downs through this journey but overall… it has been a pleasant adventure.  We parents do not know it all but often  learn right along with our children.

Hoping that this website will help you in some way.

May you be richly blessed in Jesus Christ!




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