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Sun Unit


"And God made two great lights; the greater light to rle the day..."
Gen 1:16


This Sun Unit Study could be a long lasting unit.

There are so many avenues to take... The sky is the limit!


The resources listed may not all be available to you but

many researches could be done on the Internet alone.


Be sure to make use of your local library and if an

item is available through the ILL Service, get it.


May you and your children have lots of fun

doing this Sun Unit Study.


In His Service,



Note:  I prepared this unit for my children who (at this writing)

are 6 years old, 9 years old and 13 years old.



Gen. 1:14-19; Deut. 4:19; Ps. 84:11; Is. 60:20; Mal. 4:2;

Eccl. 12:2; Matt. 5:45; Jer. 15:9; Ps. 136:8

Use concordance, find other verses that talk about the sun.


Copy Work

Copy verses for the week every day.

Dictate sentences from the material used throughout the week.



Copy vocabulary words daily.  Or use words found in

your daily reading.  Give a test at the end of the week.



Use some of the links and books listed to put your

own unit together.  Make a solar system mobile.


My youngest children are using the "Space & the Planets"

and the "Let's Investigate Space" workbooks.


Memorize the planets in order.


Research Skills

Prepare a list of questions to start your unit study.


You can use the question list I have prepared or use

your own list, created from books read.



Do math work pages from math workbook.

Miquon - Making Math Meaningful



Write the solar system rhyme to help you

memorize the order of the planets.


Create a word search using information found in

the resource material.



Study the life of an astronomer or person who made an

impact in the discovery of the solar system.

Write a biography about the person you studied.


A few interesting persons: Johann Kepler, Isaac Newton, William

Herschel, Weinher von Braun, William Huggins, John Flamsteed,

Edward H, Maunder.



As you study the life of an astronomer or other person, find out

about his/her background.  Did the area he/she came from influence

is choice of career?  What can you find out about his/her home town?


Where are spacecrafts launched from?

Why? How?  Does the geographical location matter?

In what way? Could it happen elsewhere?


Arts & Crafts

Make a sundial when the weather permits it.


Art may consist of projects that you are doing through

the weeks.


A mobile can be made out of a hanger, string

and paper plates, or old CDs.

The workbooks my children are using

have a few projects listed.


For Little Ones

I have a little unit that I prepared for my preschoolers.

For this unit, I used some of the books listed in the "Book Resources."

Several activities could be done for the age level.

Click here to see the Mini Sun Unit.



Book Resources



Considering God's Creation by Mortimer and Smith

Creation Ex Nihilo (AIG)  June-Aug 2000 Vol. 22, #3

Creation Illustrated Winter 1998 Vol. 4, # 4


DK Children's Illustrated Encyclopedia

DK Encyclopedia of Space and the Universe (CD)

DK Eyewitness Readers Whatever the Weather

DK Picturepedia Space

DK Science Encyclopedia

DK Spacebusters The Race to the Moon by Philip Wilkinson

DK Space Encyclopedia

DK Visual Encyclopedia

DK Why does lightning strike? by Terry Martin

DK Why do volcanoes erupt? by Christopher Maynard

Dogs in Space by Nancy Coffelt

How Come? by Kathy Wollard

Kids Discover Solar System

Kids Discover Sun

I know About Planets by Chris Jaeggi

Incredible Universe by Caroline Bingham

Into Space by Anita Ganeri and Jakki Wood

I Wonder Why Stars Twinkle by Carole Stott

Let's Investigate Space by Teacher Created Materials

Men of Science Men of God by Henry Morris

Modern Earth Science by Holt, Rinehart and Winston

Our Amazing Sun by Richard Adams

Our Solar System by Seymour Simon

Our Planet Earth by Scholastic

Planets and Stars by Nicholas Booth

Postcards from Pluto by Loreen Leedy

Science in the Creation Week by David Unfred

Science Notes: Heat by Frank Schaffer Publications, Inc.

Science Starter by Time-Life Books

Sky and Earth by Time-Life Books

Solar System Planets by Lynda Sorensen

Solar System Sun by Lynda Sorensen

Space and the Planets by Brighter Vision Learning Adventures

Space Exploration CD Rom

Space Speculation CD Rom

Sun by Gregory L. Vogt

The Big Dipper by Franklyn M. Branley

The Big Little Golden Book of Planets by Robert Bell

The Glow in the Dark Night Sky Book by Clint Hatchett

The Inner Planets CD Rom

The Magic School Bus Hello Out There by Scholastic Inc.

The Magic School Bus Out of this World by Scholastic Inc.

The Magic School Bus Sees Stars by Scholastic Inc.

The Moon Seems to Change by Franklyn M. Branley

The Outer Planets CD Rom

The Sun by Michael George

The Universe CD Rom

Understanding Weather and Climate CD Rom

Usborne Astronomy and Space by Lisa Miles & Alastair Smith

Usborne Book of the Seasons by Angela Wilkes

Who Owns the Sun by Stacy Chbosky



Internet Resources



Coloring page

Education World

Enchanted Learning Solar System

Gander's Academy

Google Solar System Unit Study

Google Worksheet Search

Heart of Wisdom: Energy

Heart of Wisdom: Refraction & Rainbow

How Far & How Big is the Sun?

Lesson Plans

Marble Solar System

More Weather Units

NASA Sun Lesson Plans

NASA Solar System Lesson Plans

Our Planet, Our Solar System

Planet Gobbling Dust Storms

Planet Rap

Planet Rhyme

Safety in the sun

Seasons Unit

Solar System

Solar System Coloring Book

Solar System Coloring Pages

Solar System Sites

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Solar System Worksheets


Structure of the Sun Worksheet

Sun Activity Sheet

Sun coloring page

Sun coloring worksheet

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Sun Safe

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Take a Spin Through the Solar System

The Earth, the Sun, and the Moon

The Nine Planets

Unit Study of Solar System

Vocabulary List

Weather Units

Worksheets about the Sun


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Unit created by Lara in March 2003.

True Light Academy.
Copyright 2002-2006 by Lara. All rights reserved.
Revised: 02/13/2006