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101 Science

A Museum of Science, Art & Human Perception

Access Excellence

All Science Fair Projects

Answers In Genesis

Apologia Ministries


Astronomy 4 Kids




Best Teacher Sites

Bill Nye the Science Guy

Biology 4 Kids

Bizarre Stuff to make




Cells Alive

Chemistry 4 Kids

Christian Answers

Closer Look At Water

Cool Science for Curious Kids

Cotton's Journey

Cranberry Bog Tour

Creation Moments

Creation Science

Creation Science ICR

Creation Science Resource Site

Creation Science Resources

Creation Sensation, Creation Museum




Daily Log of Earth Activity

Daylight Saving Time

Discovery Online






Earth Sky


Edu Fly

Eclectic Homeschool Science

Edible insects

Electron Microscopes

Energy Quest

Experiment of the week



Eyes On The Sky



First School Years

For Girls Health (puberty...)

Frog Unit



Germs and Bacteria

Germs Make Me Sick

Google Science



Houston Zoo

How Balloons are Made

How Things Work

Human Anatomy on-line



Insect Lore

Inside Scoop on Farms

Institute of Outdoor Ministry



Jefferson Lab Science



Kid's Stuff on Plants

Kiddy House



Living Science Books



Mad Scientist

Making Science Fun

Mars close to Earth in August


Mineral Information Institute

Molecular Expressions

My Wildflowers



National Eye Institute

National Wildlife Week

Notebook Page




Orkin Insect Zoo




Paper Models

Penny's Science Site

Plant Unit

Plants: A Unit Study

Pond Ecology Unit



Real Time Satellite Images

Royal Ruby Cranberries



Science Class

Science IQ

Science Made Simple

Science Net Links

Science of Cooking

Science Projects

Science Through Pizza Making

Science with Dorling Kindersley Book

Science Year


Simple Machines

Sites 4 Teachers

Six Day Creation


Space Site

Steve Spangler Science

Study of Place

Sun Unit




Teaching Treasures

Teel Family Snow Unit

Terrific Science

Total Lunar Eclipse

The Adventures of Echo the Bat

The Brief History of Astronomy

The Young Scientist




Weather Dude

Weather in your area

Whale Song

Women in Science

Worksheets for Neuroscience for Kids - Worksheets

Worm Woman



Bat Unit Links:


A virtual exhibit of bats

Bat World

Bats, Bats Everywhere

Discovery Channel Bat Cam

Information on How to Bat Watch

The Adventure of Echo the Bat

Western Bat Information Sheet




Butterfly Unit Links:


A Students' Guide to Butterflies 

Butterfly Gardening in Florida

Children's Butterfly Site

Monarch Butterfly Facts

The Butterfly Web Site

The Butterfly Zone

Where Do Butterflies Come From?




Heart Unit Links:


Brain Pop

Franklin Institute Science Museum

American Heart Association


Kids Health

How Stuff Works









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