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My husband and I have both repented of our sins.

We have both been baptized in the Name of Jesus

Christ for the remission of our sins.

In addition, we have received the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Read Acts 2:38

We believe in the teachings of the Apostles and find the

Bible true in its entirety.
We realize that we are sinners saved by grace. 


There is no great thing that we could do to make

Heaven our home. But we have to yield to the

Lord and let Him be the Master of our lives.

The Lord DID NOT save us in our sins but

He saved us FROM them.


What difference does it make? Well, if you were swimming

and found out that you were drowning,

do you think one would rescue you in the water? 

No way, he or she would die along with you.

But they would have to save you FROM the

water and take you safely to shore.

What happens if you struggle? 

You may struggle in such a way that you would hinder the rescue.

That is why you have to do exactly what the rescuer is telling you to do.

That's exactly the same way with Jesus.

You have to obey his teachings in order to find  LIFE.

When you sin you need to repent. There is no big or small sin.

Sin is sin whether you like it or not!

When a person is drowning we don't say that he or

she is drowning a little!

You are drowning or you are not!!

The same with sin. You sin or you don't!!!

Know that whatever your case may be, there is a

Savior who is ready to accept you.
You don't have to "clean" yourself or do anything

special to come to Him. But you have to be willing to go to Him.

He has already made the first step!

He died for you and I on Calvary so that we may have life.


If you want to know more about Salvation

drop us a note at and we will respond!

In His Service,
Ken, Lara & Family

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