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One Day Dental Unit Study




  A lot could be done for a unit/theme study about dental hygiene.

Your house/classroom may be full of hands-on activities the children

Could do by themselves or with your help.


A lot of things are listed but believe me it was not overwhelming.

Some activities took no more than 10 minutes to do!


Also, I interact with the children by asking them some open-ended

questions throughout the day and as we progress with the unit.




Here is what we did…


Breakfast: Bagel w/cheese, hot chocolate, apple

Snack: Juicy Juice drink, graham crackers

Lunch: Milk, homemade cheese pizza, carrot sticks, pears




Circle time:

Read books of choice for the day (See book list)

Recite pledges

Take prayer requests and pray together

Sing along songs





Make the teeth mobile using Crayola

Create a cut and paste activity booklet.






Let children play outside drawing "teeth" on the ground with chalk.

Or let them draw "teeth" in the snow.  We had snow on the ground that day!





Proper dental hygiene:

Show the children how to brush their teeth properly.

Help them and then let them show you how they do it.





Motion song/poem:

Use "Germs" and do the motion with the children.  Show them how

to do it and you'll see how excited they get about doing it!






Listen to songs that talk about body parts and food.

Help the children with the motions.

Make up some silly songs about teeth brushing.

You can find one here.






The children had fun playing with the "Food Pyramid" puzzle.





Magazines & books:

Use them to show children the types of food that are good for their bodies.

Different foods provide different vitamins and minerals.





Observation skills:

Point out the animals in the books and let the children show you the teeth

of the animals and ask them if their teeth are different or the same as the

animals they are looking at.





A great resource about healthy foods is

5 A Day by Dole Food Company, Inc.

You can go to their site and order the necessary materials.





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