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Hi my name is Lara!

This page is just like a little map that will help

you find your way around my sites!

I hope that you will find what you need!

And if you have any question, feel free to email me!


Have a good and godly day.
In His Service,






Welcome to My Page!



True Light Academy is devoted to homeschooling.

You will find many links there to help you in your

 homeschool venture.

If you want to know what homeschooling

is all about go there! 


If you are a teacher/educator, this site has many

resources for you to draw from.  There are links

for lesson plans, for preschoolers and many

more to keep you busy!






Welcome to My Page!



God Is One is an Apostolic Pentecostal site.  

  Read a little testimony and sign my guestbook,

if you would like! You might meet some

of your friends there!


You can also join the God Is One email list.

 You may post your questions, prayer requests and

praise reports on the God Is One group list!





Welcome to My Page!

Would you like to raise funds for your group, church,

homeschool, school, team, daycare, hospice or

your favorite charity?


If you do, visit Fundraiser and see what you can do!





Welcome to My Page!


Welcome to My Page!     Welcome to My Page!


Welcome to My Page!        Welcome to My Page!        Welcome to My Page!





Welcome to My Page!



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