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   Mini Sun Unit   


This is a sample of activities you could do for

a Sun Unit Study with young children.


You may change the activities as you please.  It is just

to show you what could be done with a group of preschoolers.


Circle Time

Devotion, the children request for us to pray

for their parents, loved ones or other.

Children say their pledges.


Our colors for the day are yellow and orange.

Let the children bring items from home representing

those colors.  Or let them wear the colors of the day.


Arts & Crafts 

 Make a sun head band.

Use construction paper.  Cut large circle for each child.

Cut several strips of construction paper for the rays.

Use stickers for eyes or free draw.


Let the children decorate their sun (circle).

Let them decorate the rays, if they desire so.

Let them tape the rays around the face of the sun.


Cut large strips for the head band.

Attach the sun to the head band.

Coloring page

Solar System Coloring Book

Solar System Coloring Pages

Sun coloring page


Some Sites

 Out in Space



 Use any of the books listed in the "Book Resources"

or find more books at the library.  The children enjoy

"reading" colorful books to each other.


"Book Resources" is on the previous page!




Eggs, corn, carrots, "yellow" rice, "orange" milk


"Orange" milk, toast w/apricot jam, tangerine slices.


Cheese crackers and orange juice.




Play games about colors of the day. Use blocks, beads,

or any item that represent the colors of the day!

Have fun with the children.


"Color Scavenger Hunt"


Hide yellow & orange items.  Direct the children to

help them find the items.


"Find the Baby"


We dressed a baby doll with the colors of the day.

We hid the baby and gave clues of the whereabouts of the baby.

Children learned to follow directions and to be discriminate

about the information they were given.


"Green Light"


Green Light - Red Light game.  Have the children line up and

start to move about.  According to colors

given, they must act upon them.




Identifying colors.  Make up a game based on Twister

that is at the level of the children in your group.


Say: "All those with yellow on, go on the yellow dot..."

Change the game around and make up different

challenges for this fun game.



Weather permitting, have some outdoor fun with the children.





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