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Middle Ages




This medieval unit study is just a starting point of a unit

that could be very lengthy. 

I did not write all the things that could be done but I have merely given

you some information about the things that we have done.


We have used many resources for this unit.  They are only there to

give you a better selection at the things that could be done.


Use as much or as little as you need. 

This unit does not contain a daily schedule but just an overview.



Some activities that we have done...



We start out with prayer and devotion.

We read the Bible together and sometimes do some Bible Activities.

The children write down some verses too.



We make use of all the resources that we have on hand.

We have many Dorling Kindersley and Usborne books and CD-Roms.

But use your library as much as possible as it is free in most areas.



The children are using a curriculum for math. All the other subjects are

done as a unit/theme study.  For this unit we covered most

of the other subjects focusing on the Middle Ages.



The children do daily penmanship.  This is where they copy

sentences from books read or they write a summary of the story read.

Sometimes they do an oral report.



We have a daily "Read Aloud" time.  All of us get together

and read a specific book.  Sometimes we take turn reading.

We usually try to read at least one chapter book.

Therefore,  the reading lasts several days.



Make sure that you have an encyclopedia and dictionary.

They are a must!

Each home should have at least one of each.  Children need to do

some researches and find definitions on their own.



Don't limit yourself to what you have on hand.  Sometimes a trip to

the museum or zoo will enrich your study in one way or another.

Ask your neighbors or other people to help you in doing this study.

Some people have some special crafts that they may

want to share with you.  Take advantage of these opportunities.



Don't forget to check and visit your local craft store.

Many of them offer classes for a minimal fee.



We live very close to St Louis and are able to use the resources that

the area has to offer to further our studies.  Check your phone book

to see if you could find a great "resource" locally. 




Most of all, have fun while you and your children

get involved in this Medieval Unit study!


Let us know how you enjoyed this unit!  Write us and tell us about it!



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True Light Academy.
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