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Homeschooling, for us, is a way of life and we have realized

that learning happens each and every minute of the day.

That is why we homeschool our children year round!


We do take breaks here and there  as the needs arise. 
It is nice to be able to take off on the spur of the moment!

We are eclectic homeschoolers.

Meaning that we use a little bit of everything.

However, we use
FIAR as our main unit study curriculum
when I am not preparing my own
unit studies.

Devotion time is a "natural" part of our schooling.

What do we do at devotion time?

To learn a little about us and our belief go to God Is One

and also to "There is a Savior!"

We enjoy researching subjects and having fun with books.

My children do a lot of copywork.

This means that at times we read a book together and then

I have them copy paragraphs or sentences from the book.

At other times, I may have them do a dictation on what they have read. 
We try to do this with any subject.  So if the book covers History subject,

the children will have covered part of History and done some English too.

For math, the children use a canned curriculum.  That's a curriculum

with all the work laid out!  You don't have to do much but you need to

correct the work and see if your child understands the concepts.  


There's nothing wrong with this at all.  I feel more secure using an already made curriculum for math as I want to ensure that *all bases* are covered.

Two of my children use Making Math Meaningful, while my youngest daughter uses Miquon, the Cuisenaire Rods and the 100 Board.

Most of the other subjects are done as a unit study as much as possible.


For example, if we were reading a biography the children would learn

about the background of the person (history) and the place where

the story is taking place (geography).

To this, we would pick a specific subject from the book and

do a science project.  Again, we would add to that and

do some more research that could carry on to other

subjects of learning such as home-economic, social studies, arts...

Really a unit study can be a never-ending subject!!  It is a pyramid where

you start out on a subject and keep building on it.  It can be as deep

or as superficial as you want it to be.  I have provided a few links

where you could do a unit study on almost anything. 

You may want to try the units I put together.  Here they are!

I hope that this gives you an idea of what we do in our homeschool. 

We are not a perfect family but we try to stick to a schedule.

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How do we homeschool?  How do we homeschool?

How do we homeschool?   How do we homeschool?






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