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Homeschool Unit Studies




Five In A Row Site

This gives you a great introduction to FIAR. What is FIAR, you might ask?

Relax and enjoy all the info you ever wanted to know about FIAR on this site.

There, you will find your answer!




Helaman's Academy

List several sites for unit studies.

Plenty links are to be found there!




Homeschool Unit Study Ideas

On Vegsource you will find other homeschoolers with

questions about unit studies.

Great resources and a lot of help!




Lara's Units

There you can find a few units that I created using several resources.



 The FIAR Message Board

This is what we sometime use for our unit studies as a springboard.

It's all prepared for you all you need to do is get the book

you choose to read and keep the manual handy!



 Astronomy Unit by Charity Lovelace

Help you in making an astronomy unit study.



  About.Com Unit studies

This sites provides mini unit studies on several subjects.



 Funschool Archives

Karen Caroe's literature unit studies.



 Unit Studies

There are a lot of unit studies on this site.



 Unit Studies/Lesson Plans

You will find a lot links for unit studies and lesson plans.

Many are for younger children but they can be adjusted for older children.



 Google Unit

Search of unit studies from the Google search engine.



 More Units

Lots of searches and unit studies here.












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