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Frog Unit



We did a study on amphibians as a science project.

We chose the frog and did a "detailed" study on it.



Body parts, how do they compare to the human?

Where can a frog be found?

What type of environment surrounds a frog? And a lot more...


Unit studies can cover all subjects for schooling.

Even math if you want!!


Incorporate as much as you can into your unit study.

Instead of studying each subject separately, try to do more

than one subject at one time.


For example, as the children found more info about the frog,

they did some copy work and that counted towards English.


Dictation can be done by dictating sentences from the material read.

To make it fun and challenging, the children can play

some games and do some specific activities.


They could do a collage for art.


A word search/puzzle using words from material used...


For devotion, the children could do a search on the word frog.


How many times is it listed in the Bible (math?)


Use your reference Bible and copy some verses that deal

with frogs (English.)

I can think of the plagues the Lord sent on the Egyptians!


Use a globe to locate areas (geography.)


Do write up on these locations (English.)


Talk about ponds, rivers, lakes... (science.) Use living books

to excite the children's interest and use open-ended

questions and discussions.

Compare situations with situations your children are familiar with.


For gym, how about exercising like a frog? Smile!

Jump, hop, move about...

Sing songs relating to frogs. Do you know any "Frog" lyrics?

Dance to them! Hee hee hee.


Fun and games... Do you have "Frogger" the CD-ROM game?

Does not sound very educational, huh?


No it doesn't but who said you couldn't have fun while learning?








Considering God's Creation:

A creative biblical approach to natural science.


DK Tale of a Tadpole.


We also added some other books we have in our library.


Such as some short stories, poems, fables...


DK Nature 2.0 because we did a study on frogs and amphibians.

This is a CD-ROM.


DK Geography of the World to locate areas and compare them.


DK Science of the World more research on frogs and amphibians.


DK Children's Illustrated Encyclopedia covers all topics.


Library books.


Usborne books.


Atlas & dictionaries.







Some free worksheets for the frog unit.

Amphibians wordsearch.

Activity page.

Favorite animal...activity.

Virtual frog dissection...No mess...

Another frog site...

Amphibian Conservation Alliance site.


TDEC TN 's Frogs & Toads site.


Frog unit at Charity's site...


Frog Dissection in details.

I used Puzzlemaker to make my own word searches/puzzles.


Frogs & Toads of Texas.

Frog calls page. Can you hear them?


Another frog dissection page.





Make frog booklet out of construction paper.
Read several books about frogs for the children.
Have the children tell you some facts about frogs.
Write them down for them.

Let them decorate their "Frog Fact Book"!










Unit written by Lara March 2000 using the

Internet and other personal resources.






True Light Academy.
Copyright 2000-2006 by
Lara. All rights reserved.