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Christopher Columbus Unit Study Resource

This little unit is about Christopher Columbus.

Listed below are resources to help you preparing

a unit study about Christopher Columbus.



I did not locate all these sites by myself! Many people have

helped  me by sending some of the sites they knew about!



Pick and choose and have fun!

If this has helped you in any way, feel free to email me.



Book resources:

-Explorers Thematic Unit by Teacher Created Materials Inc.

-The Log of Christopher Columbus by Las Casas Bartholomew

-The Usborne Book of Explorers by Felicity Everett and Struan Reid

-Usborne Starting Point History: Who were the first North Americans?

-DK Illustrated Book of Great Adventures


Internet resources:

Annie's Christopher Columbus Page

 Christopher Columbus Resources

 Motivations of Christopher Columbus

 The History of Columbus Day

 Columbus and His Voyages

 Columbus Day Themes and Activities

 Columbus Day the Second Monday in October

 Columbus Day, A Time to Celebrate Columbus Day

 Medieval Sourcebook: Christopher Columbus: Extracts from Journal

 Surfnet Columbus Site

 Donn's Columbus page

 Columbus Day Ideas

 Columbus Day Theme

 Christopher Columbus

 Columbus Timeline

 Columbus's Crew

 The Columbus Letter

 Columbus's Ships

 Photos Of Replica Ships

 Voyage 1

 Columbus And The Age Of Discovery

 Columbus Day


 The Columbus Santa Maria

 Christopher Columbus - Encyclopedia

 Columbus Day Cards

 Columbus Day Party

 Columbus's Voyage Trivia Quiz

 What Came To Be Called America

 Word Search: Columbus Day

 Clothespin Sailboat

 Grade K - Columbus Day

 Columbus Day Game

 Columbus Day Geography Quiz

 Columbus Fleet

 Coreknowledge page of Columbus

 Another Columbus page

 Special Days

 More links

 Christopher Columbus by Judi Welch

 First Voyage worksheet

 Columbus: A hero or a villain?

 Emily's Columbus page






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