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Charlemagne Resources






The links and book resources are here to help you in creating your

own unit study or to compliment a unit study that you already have.


This is not a complete unit study but just a collection of links!


Have fun and may this be the start of a great venture with Charlemagne!


Be blessed,














Aachen History


Charlemagne's Empire

Charlemagne the King

Columbia Encyclopedia

E Library

Frankish Empire

History of the Middle Ages

Info Please

 King of Franks

Middle Ages Unit

Mr. Lee's Page

Regne de Charlemagne

Reign of Charlemagne

Social Studies School Services

The Empire of Charlemagne









Augustus Caesar's World by Genevieve Foster

Two Lives of Charlemagne by Einhard and Notker the Stammerer

Charlemagne by Matthias Becher

Charles the Bald by Margaret T. Gibson and Janet L. Nelson

Daily Life in the Age of Charlemagne by John J. Butt

The Age of Charlemagne by David Nicolle

Early Carolingian Warfare by Bernard S. Bachrach

Towns and Trade in the Age of Charlemagne by Richard Hodges

Manuscripts and Libraries in the Age of Charlemagne by Bernhard Bischoff

Water and the Word by Susan A. Keefe

The Politics of Dreaming in the Carolingian Empire by Paul Edward Dutton

The Holy Roman Empire and Charlemagne in World History by Jeff Sypeck

Charlemagne and the Early Middle Ages by Miriam Greenblatt

The World in the Time of Charlemagne by Fiona MacDonald

Charlemagne by Dale Evva Gelfand

Charlemagne and France by Robert J. Morrissey









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