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We wanted to know a little bit more about Betsy Ross.

So I created this unit study and pulled out some resources from the Internet.


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You may use this unit study providing you leave it in its original state.


You may contact me, Lara, for more info about this unit

or any other unit you find at my site(s).







*The Bible... God's Holy Word!


*L.A.M.P Unit Study.

I use this to help me with resources. I use the worksheets included in the manual.


*DK material: I used to be a DK distributor and have a lot of DK books.

You can use any books available to you.



*DK Nature 2.0 CD-ROM to study some animals.


*DK Geography of the World to locate areas and compare them.


*DK Science of the World more research on frogs and amphibians.


*DK History of the World to find out what exactly took place at a specific time.

Book and CD.


*DK Children's Illustrated Encyclopedia covers all topics.


*Great Women in American History by Rebecca Price Janney.

This book covers many women and it has a simple biography about them.


*Considering God's Creation: A creative biblical approach to natural science.


*We also added some other books we have in our home library.

Such as some short stories, poems, fables...






The children did some copy work and dictation taken from the resources found.

They also did some grammar using those same resources.

For example, underlining the verbs, circle the nouns...


To this, we added a summary of what they learned.

They could do it orally or they could write it as a report.


Also, they learned about poetry and did some grammar work

using their own worksheets and/or workbooks.







Since this unit is a history unit, the children did many

in-depth researches and copy work.


5 Five Point


Betsy & her Flag Life


Betsy Ross


Betsy Biography


Make your own wordsearch







Locate area Betsy came from. Research that area.

What is known about the place?

Who else came from there? How is it now?


Also, this was tied in with our amphibian study.

The children needed to locate specific areas and learn about them.







The children use Miquon & Cuisenaire Rods and Alpha & Omega.

Some math concepts were introduced during our unit study using every day activities.







We did a study on amphibians as a science project. Go to Frog Unit.





Unit written by Lara using the Internet and other personal resources.


April 2000








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