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Australia Unit resource






This Australia unit study resource was started after my children

and I read a book about Sister Elizabeth Kenny.

It lead us to read some books about Australia and about Koalas.


The links and book resources are here to help you in creating your

own unit study or to compliment a unit study that you already have.


This is not a complete unit study but just a collection of links!


Have fun and may this be the start of a great venture in Australia!


Be blessed,








Elizabeth Kenny



Battler Against Polio


E Library


Famous Queenslander


Fighting Polio


Her Story


Idea that Shook the World


National Library of Australia


Nursing History


Sis Kenny and Polio


Sister Elizabeth Kenny









A to Z Teacher Stuff








Australia and Native People


Bright Sparcs


Crocodile Hunter


Elementary Theme


Five Day Unit


Flinders Ranges


History of Australia


Homeschool Mom




Lesson Plan


Lonely Planet


National Library


Stolen Generation


The First Australians










A Koala for Katie by Jonathan London


An Online Visit to Australia by Erin Hovanec


Australia by Michael Martin


Australia by Andrew Kelly


Can You Cuddle Like a Koala by John Butler


DK Children Just Like Me by Barnabas Kindersley


Healing Warrior by Emily Crofford


I Am A Little Koala by Francois Crozat


Koala Kid by Dalmatian Press


Koala Lou by Mem Fox


Koalas by Gail Saunders-Smith


Koalas by Steve Parish


Nufonia Must Fall by Kid Koala


Strange Animals of Australia by Toni Eugene


The Koala Book by Ann Sharp


The Koala Is Not a Bear by Hannelore Sotzek


The Woman Who Challenged the Doctors by Victor Cohn


Through Kenny's Eyes by John R. Wilson



















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