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This is a breakdown of what we are doing with this unit.

My children are 7 years old and 10 years old. I was a Dorling Kindersley Distributor and

use many DK books and DK CD-ROMs with our homeschooling!


Pick as many activities as you want. Do them all or only a few of them! If need be,

adjust each activities to the level of your child.


Internet resources may be used at anytime as needed!

Note: If you do not have any of the books mentioned...

Use what you have on hand or go to the library.











We read the Bible. The children do their memory verses for the quizzing team.

Together we read our devotional.

In addition, we read "The Book of Virtues" as we see fit! Do daily chores.



Use any other book and read more stories about aviation.



DK Phonic book: "Grandma's Garden" by Ruth Thomson.

Use flashcards to learn words that are more difficult.



"DK I Love Spelling!" CD-ROM

"Jump-start CD-ROM"



Write sentences about birds using "science" material.



Cuisenaire Rods - Miquon - Alpha Omega

"Jump-start CD-ROM"

"DK I Love Math CD-ROM"



"DK Eyewitness History of the World 2.0" CD-ROM

Do a write up about Amelia Earhart and other heroes of her time in relation to aviation.



"DK Geography of the World"

"DK My First Atlas"

"DK Children's Illustrated Encyclopedia"

"DK Picturepedia: People and Places"

Worksheet activities and map keys activities.

Card game "State Rummy" helps in memorizing the states of the USA.



"Science Starter Book" pages 60-61

Read information about birds and find out why they are not electrocuted on electrical lines...

"DK Nature 2.0" CD-ROM: birds and worksheet activities.



Exercises and basketball activities.









Amelia, The Celebrity


The Early Years


Amelia by a third grader


Amelia the American Hope


The Vega Picture


Amelia by Ryan


Amelia by Michael




Official site of Amelia


Amelia AE Info


Amelia's legacy


Famous Firsts in aviation


Aviation sites


Flights of Inspiration



Unit written by Lara using the Internet and other personal resources.


April 2000




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