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God Is One




The Lord is my Strength!


My name is Lara and I am very thankful to be counted as

A child of the Lord Jesus Christ!

I appreciate the Lord for the wonderful Plan of Salvation.


I have repented of my sins, been baptized in the Wonderful

Name of Jesus Christ and He has filled me with the

Precious Gift of the Holy Ghost. This same experience

can happen to you, if, it has not yet happened!





Your prayer requests and praise reports...


Subscribe to Godisone to post your prayer

requests, questions and praise reports.


We know that there is power in

the Name of Jesus Christ.


He is our prayer answering God.



About Godisone list...


Our list is made up of Oneness/Apostolic

Pentecostal believers.  

When you join our list, you agree that you will not

belittle or harass anybody. If you are not

Apostolic Pentecostal you are still welcome.


This list has been created for the purpose of

encouraging and helping one another.



 We would love to have you come and join us!





Be blessed in the Name of Jesus!














Created by Lara



True Light Academy.
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Lara. All rights reserved.